We have a Home warranty by Alliance ( for another 4 months) that uses l&s heating and air condition as a contractor . Our heat has been out for 3 weeks - one excuse after another - need part - must be special order { parts are in whearhouse 1/2 mile from there shop) I have a friend " Black my.

Heating and A/c who checked on parts there there for less than 25 bucks everyday.

I drove past there place of operations and should have stopped to confront l&s folks to get them off there ***. They (l&S) specialize in *** and non service .

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I would twice about dropping the Home Warranty if L&S added any freon to your a/c. They used one that is not approved to be mixed with the one already in the a/c.

I found out the hard way.

The two freons (R-22 and R-407) cannot be mixed together but they do it. It will cause damage to your compressor.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #959650

I had a good experience with L&SAir conditioning. They fixed my compressor right away . They were very nice.

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